Paper Shredder Reviews- Security Level

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Paper Shredder Reviews- What level of security do you need?

There are six levels of security available for paper shredders. Different shredders offer different levels of security which is determined by their style of shredding. Level one is the least secure and level six is the most secure. Level six is reserved for top-sensitive documents and level three usually recommended for normal use. Here is a list of the six types of security levels with cut dimension respectively

Security Level 1

General Document Destruction. Designed for shredding general records, internal documents, and documents that need to be eligible after they expire.


  • Approximately 3/8” x 1 ½-3 1/8” Cross Cut
  • Approximately 3/8” Strip Cut


  • (10.5mm Strip Cut)
  • (11.8mm Strip Cut)
  • (10.5mm x 40-80mm Cross Cut)

Security Level 2

Destruction of Sensitive Internal Company and / or Personal Documents Requiring Higher Security than Level 1Designed for the shredding of internal documents. For shredding documents such as computer printouts or poor quality photocopies.Security Level 2


  • Approximately 1/8” Strip Cut
  • Approximately ¼” Strip Cut
  • Approximately ½” x 9/16-2” Cross Cut
  • Approximately ¼” x 9/16-2” Cross Cut


  • (3.9mm Strip Cut)
  • (5.8mm Strip Cut)
  • (7.5mm x 40-80mm)

 Security Level 3

Destruction of Confidential Personal & Business Documents.Designed for shredding confidential documents and personal data.Security Level 3


  • Approximately 1/16” Strip Cut
  • Approximately 1/8” x 1 1/8-2” Cross Cut


  • (1.9mm Strip Cut)
  • (3.9mm x 30-50mm Cross Cut)

 Security Level 4

Destruction of Confidential Documents Crucial to a Company’s Existence. Designed for shredding secret documents and more sensitive information. Can be used by companies to shred confidential documents.Security Level 4


  • Approximately 1/6” x 9/16-5/8” Cross Cut


  • (1.9mm x 15mm Cross Cut)

 Security Level 5

Destruction of Secret Documents as Required for Government Offices or Important Research. Designed and approved by the U.S. Department of Defense and the Canadian R.C.M.P. for top secret shredding. Ideal for high-security requirements.Security Level 5


  • Approximately 1/32” x 3/8-1/2” Cross Cut


  • (0.78mm x 11mm Cross Cut)

 Security Level 6

High Security Destruction of Top Secret Documents. This is the highest level of shredder security currently available. Backed by the U.S. government and the NSA. Ultra secure shredding for the most sensitive documents.Security Level 6


  • Approximately 1/32” x 5/32” Cross Cut
  • Approximately 1/26” x 1/5” Cross Cut


  • (1mm x 4-5mm)
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