Paper Shredder Reviews – What information are you missing?

Paper Shredder Reviews -These are all must-know facts about paper shredding machine.

Nowadays, with the biggest concern of identity theft, many companies have purchased and made an absolutely good use of paper shredding machines in their offices. Depending on their needs of cutting materials, they have found for themselves some very best paper shredders with lots of convenience and usefulness. However, not all of them can realize how many other interesting facts this asset actually has many other interesting facts or how many other benefits it may bring to the firm. Here are few of the facts we are talking about.

An environment-friendly way to dispose of papers

environment benefit from paper shredderYou may have heard of this before as paper shredders would enhance the environment sustainability. There are many kinds of papers you want to throw away besides your highly confidential documents such as advertising flyers, paper scraps, etc., and you would be surprised of how many papers would be consumed every year- almost 80 million tons! What’s more, paper production accounts for almost 35% of the cut trees in the US. Hence, if you want to save this world from cutting down more trees, you may need help from paper shredders. Of course, not all of the paper you have needs shredding; however, shredded papers can make waste disposal or recycling process take place at ease in less time. Specifically, they can reproduce those wasted papers into paper towels and alike products from shredded papers.

Records still need to be kept

records to be kept - paper shredderAs a reminder, you should consider carefully what kind of documents and papers to shred. And it is always better to save some useful ones in some cases. To be specific, the law requires some businesses to keep a variety of records as operating materials for some kind of performance and tax purposes. We also mentioned as below what kind of business can shred their paperwork. Moreover, some personal documents that prove your identity should always be kept in a good place. Some typical documents that you definitely should never think of putting through the paper shredders can be listed as following:  birth and/or death certificates, marriage and divorce papers and licenses, military records, social security cards, and so on.

Government encouragement of paper shredding

Not only enterprises or individuals are the ones who are concerned about identity theft. Definitely, state and federal laws would highly aim at methods to prevent it as well. To do so, the government has passed numerous data protection laws that require organizations to promptly keep information and destroy it if needed or after retention periods. That is also the reason why paper shredding industry has grown fast in the last decades. Many waste disposal firms have widely introduced document destruction machine like paper shredders. Some states even hold events of free paper shredding monthly, such as City of Longmont in Colorado.

Different kinds of paper shredders “eat up” the same types of papers in distinct ways

Fellowes Powershred 225Mi_2_paper shredderThe very first paper shredders and previous models cut documents into stripe shape. Nevertheless, because of revolutionaries of reassembling documents in 1979, these shredders became obsolete. Over time, the industry of paper shredders have developed and those machines are able to cut materials into various shapes depending on the demands of users. Typically, the first one could be cross-cutters that cut papers with two blades rotating perpendicularly. The second one could be the particle or micro cutters which give out small-squared or circular pieces with the size of 3-9mm. Obviously, what size you want your paper shredder to cut depends on how secured your materials are.

Misconception of which business should own a paper shredder

You think only work in the office need their papers to be shredded? It is misleading information as many big manufacturers or firms also have high needs in disposing of wasted papers. Some even hire specialized shredding companies to do the work for them with giant paper shredding machines. More importantly, doctors and health insurance providers are legally required by state and federal laws to shred documents of their patients or have some data destruction plans because that kind of information is deeply sensitive. It may not be common but shredded papers can also be useful for art-related work as they may use them into their artistic work to display.

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