Paper Shredder Reviews- The use of oil

Paper Shredder Reviews- Using good shredder oil for your machine is a must

Your shredder run slowly, sometimes it can not feed more than 4 papers at one time. The reason is the feeding entry of the shredder is blocked or jammed. You have to lubricate your shredder occasionally.

Your home or office shredder will only last longer and function properly if you regularly maintain it using oil which acts as a lubricant. It is advisable to oil it once a week or more than once a week if you use it more often. The rate of oiling also will depend on the size of your shredder because a smaller shredder is most likely to jam up as compared to a bigger one. You have to be careful on the type of oil you use for your shredding machines because it will also determine its durability. Always buy oil designed for paper shredders and ensure that you go for the best quality. You can get help when lubricating the machine by using a third party or carefully following the instructions given in an oil manual to ensure you do not make any mistakes.

How to oil a paper shredder ?

Oiling a paper shredder is not so much involving because all you need to do is either oil the machine directly by squeezing the oil bottle or use a piece of paper. By following a few simple steps you can keep your shredder maintained.

Method 1: Using oil.

Select a sheet of paper that its surface can not be damage when . A4 size is the best. Draw “X” or Zigzag pattern on one size of the paper.Step_1Shred the oil-covered paper like normal. Use the “Reverse” mode to back up and remove the stuck pap. Run the shredder in reverse for 10-20 secondsStep_2Method 2 : Using shredder lubricant sheets

If you are not interested in buying oil for maintenance you can get a paper shredder that comes with cleaning sheets. Easy to use, no mess just feed it into your shredder as you would a piece of paper.


We suggest paper shredder oil options:

  • Fellowes Shredder Oil, 12 oz. Bottle. Keep your confetti-cut paper shredder working at optimal levels with Fellowes 35250 Powershred Lubricant Cutter Oil. The squeeze bottle contains 12 ounces of industrial-grade lubricant, and it features an extension nozzle to help ensure proper application. Global Product Type: Shredder Lubricants; Packaging: Bottle; Capacity (Volume): 12 oz; Quantity: 1 each.
  • Aleratec Shredder Lubricant Sheets. Aleratec Shredder Lubricant Sheets 12-Pack uses the right amount of lubricant to the blades of your paper shredder every time optimizing the shredder performance. Easy to use, no mess just feed it into your shredder as you would a piece of paper.
  • Shredder Lubricant Sheets by GoECOlife. There are 24 sheets in one pack. Shredder lubricant sheets, helps prevent paper jams, reduce noise and paper dust.
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