Swingline Paper Shredder, Stack-and-Shred 100X Auto feed, Super Cross-Cut

Swingline 100X Auto feed

Swingline 100X Auto feed


9.3 /10


9.1 /10


8.3 /10


8.9 /10


  • Spend less time shredding versus a traditional paper shredder, up to 100 sheet automatic shredding
  • Shreds documents, credit cards, paper clips and staples into a 7-gallon pull-out bin with view window
  • Super cross-cut shredder meets everyday security needs (Level P-4)
  • Auto+ Jam Clearance reverses and refeeds stuck papers; self-cleaning cutters remove paper build-up to also help prevent jams


  • Does not shred CDs.
  • No wheels or rubber feet or anything on the bottom
  • Not the fastest shredder.

Commercial Shredder Reviews- Swingline Paper Shredder can do all the work for you!


swingline_environmentPlacing a stack in the bin and walk away while a machine autofeeds documents! You can think to The Swingline EX100-07 Stack and Shred automatic cross-cut shredder. It lets you shred personal documents while you get on with your life. No need to stand and monitor shredding progress, just place paper as many as 100 sheets. Staples and paper clips are no problem, the Stack and Shred powers through them both. Even credit cards are not a match for the Stack and Shred’s cross-cutters. With a manual bypass that lets you feed up to six sheets for on the spot shredding, the Stack and Shred is the only shredder you’ll ever need. The Swingline Stack-and-Shred 100X Auto Feed Shredder is an innovative, automatic shredder that simplifies shredding and helps you get more things done during your day.

A convenient size paper shredder: Not too bad!

swingline_7This Swingline shredder brings securies to both homes and offices at a time when information protection is vital, and the Stack and Shred is designed to fit into the way you live and work. The compact design fits neatly under most all kinds of desks, and you’ll be amazed at its quiet operation like whisper at 60 decibels. Unlike others, there is a tray on the top that is similar to photocopy machines, and it is used to store sheets you want to shred. You can put all sheets inside it, and this machine take page by page in less time than you can imagine. There is a big glass window in front of the basket so you can see how full is the bin. Besides, I’m interested in the big buttons on the front, which are very straight-forward and easy to use. Doesn’t it sound convenient enough?

Another safety feature offered

UL certified finger safe with multiple safety features. And it’s energy aware, with an energy saving automatic power save mode. This is the perfect shredder for your home or small office, or for executive use. Shredding through the manual feed tray is recommended when shredding envelopes, only a few sheets, paper thicker than 80gsm or glossy sheets.

Outstanding auto-feeding feature: A big time saver

The most value feature for a commercial shredder in Swingline is auto feed.

Auto Feed Shredding Saves Time

By reducing the time to manually feed papers, you can do other tasks while the shredder shreds for you. The 100X model can automatically shred up to 100 sheets at once, including those fastened with paper clips or staples. Simply insert a stack of 100 letter-size sheets into the auto feed tray, close the lid, and go. For glossy papers and crumpled or folded sheets a manual shredding slot is also included, which shreds up to 6 sheets at once. Manual feeding is also required for credit cards. The 100X is a super cross-cut shredder, delivering Level P-4 security that is suitable for everyday shredding. One sheet of paper is shredded into approximately 400 pieces and caught in a 7-gallon waste bin.

Auto+ Jam ClearanceQuite OperationSelf-Cleaning CuttersBin full indicator
Auto+ Jam Clearance
Shred hands free with fully automatic, Stack-and-Shred shredders. Automatic jam clearance reverses.
Quiet Operation
Noticeably quieter than competitive models, these shredders will not disturb others.
Self-Cleaning Cutters
Cutters work to automatically remove any small pieces of paper that are stuck, which helps ensure jam free performance.
Bin Full Indicator
A lighted icon turns on when the waste bin is full and needs to be emptied.

A big applause for its efficiency

swingline_2This is basically a quiet and efficient machine. You can imagine having an easy job and it just takes a few minutes to go through the whole hopper of 15 pages or so. We have a time when we needed to shred about 4500 to 6000 pages daily, 5 days a week monday through friday, nevertheless, it didn’t catch fire or stop suddenly after eating THOUSANDS of pages of documents per machine, NON STOP with amazing auto feed feature.

No mediocre design

Design is another good impressive point of Swingline EX100. I have enjoyed its totally different design from other paper shredders as there are many curve in machine’s corner, which turns it into a modern style. Moreover, the bin is a good size as well, not too bulky to handle but with good capacity. Especially, inside this powerful machine is actually compact designs.

What are the downsides of Swingline EX100?

swingline_3Unfortunately, Swingline EX100 does not run super fast if you compare with monsters from Fellows Powershred members. However, with its auto feed feature, you can work on other tasks while it shreds documents constantly for you.

My minor complaint is that it seems to overheat pretty easily, every 30 minutes the red light comes on tell me it’s overheating.

The bin tank is quite small with commercial shredder, but it actually is not a major problem if you choose others in the family of Swingline X such as  Swingline 300x(11 gallons), Swingline 500x(21 gallons) or Swingline 750x(31 gallons).

What’s more, no wheels or rubber feet is not good point. It’s quite difficult if you want to move it around in your home or office. Personally, I think it is a regretful point to this appliance saying how convenient it is for having a small size as I mentioned above.


This machine includes 2-year warranty on machine, 7-year warranty on cutters.

Our Verdict

You want to spend less time shredding than doing on a traditional paper shredder, just put a stack of paper on a shredder and walk away working on another task; Swingline EX100 is a good choice. You have a small office or want to put a shredder in the desk, but you want a heavy duty machine; Swingline EX100 is the better choice as well. Finally, If you are looking for a shredder to get rid of stacks of sheets, with compact designSwingline EX100 is perfect.

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