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VARIDESK PRO PLUS 48 – High quality Adjustable Standing desk

Many things including the swivel of the chair affect our productivity. However, experts agree that the level of comfort especially for people who work long hours, contribute significantly towards performance. As I mentioned in my Standing Desk Reviews article, standing desks can be a solution to those issues. 

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  • Perfectly fit on another desk
  • Patented spring-loaded lifting mechanism
  • Wide desk surface of 48 inch, or 122 cm
  • It adjusts up to 11 height levels

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The VARIDESK Pro Plus 48 is designed to make the work environment comfortable and improve the stature of the user thus its ranking among the best standing desks. It is a true solution to the long term effect of seating long hours in an unhealthy position while working. With the desk, you get to choose the posture that allows you to be more productive and adopt a healthy stature.

I have to admit the high performance of the height adjustable standing desk among other standing desk reviews because of its features.

It works with the existing desk


This is one of the features that motivated me to buy the desk among other standing desk reviews. Having VARIDESK Pro Plus in your work space does not mean getting rid of your previous workstation. You can easily install the desk on your work station and have both in the room without occupying more space. For me, this feature as important because I kept my desk that had sentimental value to me as I improved my new working condition. When I read about this feature in the standing desk reviews, I did not believe it but after trying it, I agreed that this is one of the best standing desks in the market. What’s more, its 48-inch, or 121.92 cm, wide surface can actually give me enough space to set up more than 1 monitor and still have rooms for my notebooks and other folders. And of course, the 2-tier design provides me with spacious area for my keyboard and mouse.

Would it be sturdy enough for stacks of files and notebooks?


You definitely do not need to worry about this as it can remain strong and solid even when fully extended. What’s more impressive is that its spring-loaded lifting mechanism can easily lift up to 45 lbs or 20 kgs) in approximately 3 seconds. This can absolutely allow me to stand up and sit down without interrupting my concentration.


You can sit or stand and still work

My work is intense and often takes me deep into the night. Sometimes seating gets me worn out that I need to stand before resuming my seating position. With the VARIDESK Pro Plus, all these postures are supported. You can work while standing or seated without any restriction. The spring assisted lift and the 11 height settings make it easy to use and suitable for a variety of heights. You can customize the height of the desk to match your comfortable working height.

Do I have to spend a lot of time and sweats installing this?

Getting started with the VARIDESK Pro Plus is as simple as picking it out of the box and placing it on your work station. You do not need to assemble the desk, install it or require a special tool to have it fixed. The 48 inches wide adjustable desk comes ready to use.

It has an ergonomic design with matching aesthetics

I love to write about how it provides my office with tidiness in my Standing Desk Reviews; that is why I always go for the best standing desks. Moreover, I appreciate a beautiful space and that is why VARIDESK Pro Plus 48 is one of my favorite desks. The design of the desk is elegant and gives it a beautiful look. It is sturdy and stable making it suitable for holding monitors and other work station equipment. A combination of beautiful look, suitability for use,and stability are some of the fundamental features that you will enjoy with the VARIDESK Pro Plus 48.

Why should you select the VARIDESK PRO PLUS 48?

  • For anyone who wants little installation
  • Easily adjustable
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Own all of the above features at a reasonable price


If you are working for long hours especially at home, the VARIDESK Pro Plus is the desk that will solve your pain problems. It allows you to adjust working positions without affecting your efficiency, productivity, and the looks of your workstation. This addition makes an incredible difference in the way you can do your work especially considering that it is designed for the specific purpose. This product was designed and developed by a team that understands the working environment. It is a good choice.

User Rating

The Good Stuff:
  • The VARIDESK Pro Plus 48 offers a wide operating surface area without compromise on the balance. The desk comes with features that hold it firm within the desk making it useful with its wide operating space at any height.
  • It comes with a great price for a valuable purpose and use
  • It is made of the right material that is light, strong and lasts long. Moreover, it does not stain making it easy to clean in case it gets dirty.
  • It allows multiple use and can accommodate more than one monitor without affecting the balance
  • It has two tier design that allows multiple displays. You can have an upper display that is suitable for multiple monitors with a lower level that accommodates a mouse, keyboard and any other peripheral device that can fit in between.
The Bad Stuff:
  • After continuous use, the spring makes a loud noise when doing adjustments. This is possibly as a result of friction within the spring adjustment system.
    • HOW TO SOLVE IT? Apply oil or any other lubricant with the sufficient amount.
  • Simple design, especially it can sometimes be hard to see the bin be full.

Above is the unbiased Standing Desk Reviews on VARIDESK PRO PLUS 48. If you have the same experience, please like and share to give more ideas on how it works. Also, I would love to hear from what you think about this desk. Cheers!

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