Sentinel FX124BC on Guard 12 Sheet Crosscut Compaction Paper Shredder

Sentinel FX124BC

Sentinel FX124BC


8.0 /10


9.0 /10


8.5 /10


9.0 /10


  • Relatively quiet performance
  • Innovative plunger compaction feature
  • Portable shredder with carry handle locks
  • many useful features (overheat warning light, reverse switch,etc.)n-off switch.
  • Ability to shred credit cards


  • Relatively heavy weight
  • Small opening to feed papers


front_2If you aren’t shredding your sensitive documents, take a few minutes to see what highly personal information you might tear up and throw out. Then ask yourself how you would feel if someone were able to access those documents. Your answer is paper shredder in your home or small office. Today, I will introduce the Sentinel on guard 12 sheet crosscut compaction paper shredder, new model from famous Sentinel Company. The high security cross cut blades turns your most confidential document into tiny 5mm x 43 mm unreadable particles.


The Sentinel FX124BC on Guard 12 Sheet Crosscut Compaction paper shredder is highly capable shredder for home or small office. Beyond the high capacity, it can take the paper sheaf, or heavy newspaper and go right through staples, it also crosscut. It makes confetti basically and trying to tear paper into piece unreadable. It’s quite secure. This machine also shreds credit card, CD or DVD. Like its name, it’s become so much more important to guard documents containing your sensitive information. You have personal information, identity card, CD or DVD that wants to destroy, this machine will be good home or office considerable device.


overviewThe Sentinel FX124BC is arrived well packaged and well protected. This shredder fit needs for home or small office perfectly. It is about the size of a small desk trashcan. It can be super easy to set up and use right out of the box as you only need to plug it in. However, the shredder is heavier than compact ones, for example Amazon Basics 12 sheet crosscut. Similar to many other, all of the weight is near the top with the shredder motor, reverse switch, three LED lights indicate on, overheat, full and, naturally, an on-off switch. Especially, there are two red clips that hold the top on the bin and when unclipped you can push the top down into the bin to compress the shreds which is a nice feature that I will talk more in next step. The bottom of this shredder is bucket with a nice clear plastic strip up the side of the container to show how much paper you have in it and when you have to empty.


Three LED lights indicate on, overheat, full and, naturally, an on-off switch


Similar many others home or small shredders, this machine can shred credit card, CD and DVD. A feature I really like is the ability to take the top off and use it to compact paper in the bucket. When the bin is getting full of shred, which is a lot of fluff, you simply unlock 2 red clips to release top unit. At that time, the top unit becomes the compactor; you simply push it down, as it rests on four spring loaded supports to compress the shreds. It will hold at least twice the volume before it is full. Nice feature.
Height: 17.3 inches
Width: 7.9 inches
Depth: 13.2 inches
Weight: 12.7 pounds
Color Category: Black
Noise Level: 72 decibels
Capacity: 12 sheets
Auto Start/Stop Capability: Yes
Bin Capacity: 4.4 gallons
Bin Included: Yes
Cut Style: Cross-cut
Maximum Run Time: 5 minutes
Shred Speed: 6.6 feet per minute
Throat Width: 8.66 inches
Bin-Full Sensor: Yes


Take the top off


Push top unit down to compress shreds



  • It’s relatively quiet.
  • The bin has compaction feature, so you don’t need to empty it as often.
  • The machine can shred sort of faster than other small shredders.
  • The Sentinel is very Well built with many useful features like overheat warning light, reverse switch and, naturally, an on-off switch.


  • This machine is relatively heavy (especially the top unit). It is bigger and heavier than other home or small office shredder in the market; for example Bonsaii DocShred C156-D, Aurora AU1400XA or AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Cross-Cut; it’s not a problem if you don’t move it around.
  • The capacity of the bin is rather small, but on the positive side, compaction feature is good way to improve it and there are clear plastic strips helping you to see the level of shreds in the bin.
  • The feed area is rather tight on that common size if you compare to other machine.


One-Year manufacturer’s limited Product warranty


If you want to find a compact, contemporary design that look great in your home or office, The Sentinel on guard 12 sheet crosscut compaction paper shredder is good choice for you. The Sentinel FX124BC does the job at a reasonable price without a lot of fuss, mess, or noise. Especially, this is a cross-cut shredder that has the unique feature of compacting in my blog until now.

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