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a couple of years ago


Shredding is good way to protect yourself and your business. If you own a business, you have responsibility to protect your customers and your business. That’s the way that you create your reputation to develop the business.

Identity theft is a growing serious issue in the United States. Someone can theft your sensitive documents to get your money to become their earning, take your personal information and creates a “credit clone”. Using the this fake credit, a thief can apply for credit cards, bank accounts buy items through the Internet, lead to bankruptcy and more. These thieves can make your life terrible. Fixing the damage from an identity theft is difficult and can spend years to fix.

Over the past few years, cases of identity theft were prone because most people were ignorant in safeguarding their identity. How do you protect your identity from being theft? Thanks to the modern paper shredders, the cases have subsided. A paper shredder is one of the best ways to destroy sensitive information.Your employees information are also secure when you shred. Employee files, social security numbers, banking details, medial insurance information, and addresses cannot be stolen. Sensitive information can be obtained anywhere your name, social security number, telephone number and address appear. If these types of documents are shredded, the chance of the information being stolen is eliminated. And your company can be avoid to sued for not being agreement with regulations on information destruction.

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