Maintaining an office or home paper shredder

black-office-paper-shredderA paper shredder is a simple machine that is used to cut papers into small chunks in homes or offices. It is a way of conserving the environment and also ensuring privacy of confidential documents such as tax papers, bank account statements and other documents that can encourage fraud. A paper shredder is usually simple to operate but many people tend to give it less attention in terms of maintenance. A poorly maintained shredder will not last long as it is supposed to. Therefore, we will look at the various tips that you can employ to ensure your home paper shredder is well maintained.

Lubricate Your Shredders Occasionally

Oiling a paper shredder is the most important part of your routine. Even if your shredder places a dust free environment, it is advisable to oil your shredder. Luckily, applying shredder oil to the shredder is a fairly simple task, as long as you don’t spill it and end up with too much in your machine. We recommend oiling, at the very least, once a week, but more often is better. Cross cut shredders tend to require more oiling than a strip cut shredder might, due to the finer particles of dust they create.

Use only Shredder Oil to oil your paper shredder because it is specifically designed to leave no residue in the machine’s cutting blades. Use of a non-shredder oil, cooking oils for example, will attract paper residue and dirt, leaving the cutting head clogged, and may cause destroy to your machine.

There are two types of oiling a paper shredder in the market, shredder oil and shredder lubricant sheets. We suggest paper shredder oil options:

  • Fellowes Shredder Oil, 12 oz. Bottle. Keep your confetti-cut paper shredder working at optimal levels with Fellowes 35250 Powershred Lubricant Cutter Oil. The squeeze bottle contains 12 ounces of industrial-grade lubricant, and it features an extension nozzle to help ensure proper application. Global Product Type: Shredder Lubricants; Packaging: Bottle; Capacity (Volume): 12 oz; Quantity: 1 each.
  • Aleratec Shredder Lubricant Sheets. Aleratec Shredder Lubricant Sheets 12-Pack uses the right amount of lubricant to the blades of your paper shredder every time optimizing the shredder performance. Easy to use, no mess just feed it into your shredder as you would a piece of paper.
  • Shredder Lubricant Sheets by GoECOlife. There are 24 sheets in one pack. Shredder lubricant sheets, helps prevent paper jams, reduce noise and paper dust.

Shredder lubricant keeps your shredder running at peak performance by conditioning the cutters and extending the life of your shredder.

General Cleaning

Apart from oiling your paper shredder, you should clean it on a regular basis to prevent a pile up of dust and small pieces of papers that may hinder proper functioning of the machine. Pay more attention on clearing the cuts of any paper particles. Also place the shredder on a properly ventilated location to prevent cases of overheating.

Avoid Overloading and Overworking

Paper shredders are designed to hold a specific capacity of papers. It is vital that you know the maximum number of papers that your shredder can manage in a single shredding cycle to avoid overworking it. You also need to be aware that a small paper shredding machine should not be overworked because they have a less powerful engine as compared to a big shredder. You should therefore give it time to rest and cool down to avoid a break down due to overheating.

paper-shredding-538x218The above mentioned maintenance tips for a home or office paper shredder are just but a few of the many ways you can maintain the device. You need to handle it with a lot of caution so that it is able to be in service for a long time. Most importantly, go for paper shredders that are of good quality and have a warranty so that you are on a safer side in case it breaks down.