How to stay warm at work in winter

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Winter weather makes people susceptible to infectious diseases such as cough, cold, flu and so on. To protect ourselves from those diseases and maintain good health in winter, we should take the considerations as below.

How to stay warm at work

"Prevention is always better than cure, so there are many very simple things that everyone can do to make sure they are healthy," said Fionnuala McKinney, head of public health for Northern Ireland regarding health protection during winter.

Here are 10 tips from medical professionals not just those who are sick but also those who are in good health to overcome the cold winters.

Keep Your Office Warm

Draw your curtains at dusk and keep your doors closed to prevent drafts. It is good that these days all the offices are supported with heaters so it can help the whole office stay warm.

Wear warm clothes

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Definitely you need to!

This is the simplest and most effective way to keep your body warm. However, do not wear thick clothing, but should wear thin clothing, wear in layers, so that cold wind cannot enter the body.

For children, multi-layered clothing also works to be able to take off for a child when sweating from play, or sleeping. Children's sweat can be irrigated back into the body causing respiratory illnesses.

Eat enough nutrition

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Food is the most important source of energy in the body, which helps keep the body warm. To keep your body warm, we can have food with spices such as ginger, garlic, etc.  

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Get to know the sign of hypothermia

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Normal body temperature typically ranges from 36.5-37.5°C (97.7–99.5 °F). Any temperature below 35°C, or 95°F is a sign of hypothermia. Hypothyroidism usually occurs when people are in a cold environment.

People at risk for hypothermia are the elderly, sick or newborns. If a person has just returned from a cold place and have symptoms such as tremor, fatigue, lethargy, slow, shallow breathing, weak pulse, lack of coordination or unconsciousness, they may suffer from severe hypothermia. In this case, immediately warm up and bring the patient to the nearest medical facility.

Limit alcohol

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Do you think that during cold weather, alcohol will warm up your body? In fact, excessive alcohol consumption can cause unpredictable health effects. Drinking alcohol, especially getting drunk in cold weather, is very dangerous for stroke. Many cases have died of alcohol abuse.

When drinking alcohol, the blood vessels dilate. Together with the cold weather, it makes the blood vessels shrink suddenly, increase blood pressure and cause accidents and death.

The best way is not to drink alcohol. In the worst case if you must drink, you should not be out in the cold right afterwards.

Always stay active

If the weather is too cold, we should do some light exercise at home and at work. We should move our body around the office at least once per hour. Exercise can help you destress and gain stronger health for yourself. You should also avoid sitting still. To do that, you can buy the best standing desks or best standing desk chair to keep straight posture and be able to stand more.

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How to avoid sitting disease

And how to avoid stress at work

Help others in your family

How can you do that?

Besides things to do at work, you can simply store food, medicine and drinking water in your house. Pay attention to family members, especially the elderly and children if they need help. These are the most vulnerable people in the extreme weather.

Be careful when moving

Going out on the trips in winter are obviously dangerous. During the foggy and rainy days, the streets are very slippery and easy to encounter unwanted accident if moving in a complex terrain

Track the weather 

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If you plan to travel or go out in the cold weather, watch carefully the weather forecast before leaving home. Also, be sure to plan for any possible problems that may occur along the way. Check out current weather.

Be cautious of explosion

As the weather is too cold, many homes use heaters, electric blankets and fireplaces of all kinds. Absolutely comply with safety regulations when using electrical equipment. What’s more, you should turn off when not in use or not at home.

Do not use mobile heaters to dry clothes. A fire alarm should be installed to warn of smoke or carbon monoxide.

Above are all essential considerations for you when working or living in the cold weather. If you can follow these cautions, you surely can avoid unwanted incidents from happening.

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