How to Stay Positive at Work

​Always smiling, having plants that absorb radiation, rewarding yourself, etc. are ways to keep yourself always be positive at work!


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Hello everyone!

As I have mentioned before, how stress may reduce your productivity at work, it is important to keep yourself away from it. To do that, I have introduced several ways to reduce stress, including doing some exercise, walking around your workplace, and so on. But, do you know that staying positive can improve your productivity much more as well? I know, it may seem hard for some of us, especially when workload is overwhelming. Hence, what I’m going to say later in this article is easy to do but extremely effective.

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Always put on a smile!

Smile always makes things look brighter! And in fact, a smile can actually give your brain a positive vibe or signal to start seeing things positively. What’s more, expressing good attitude like “I appreciate it”, or “it sounds awesome!” will change the way you think about things. I always do this, honestly! And it actually makes me feel like every single action is for the good, and keeps me positive for the whole day.

Be friendly with your co-workers!

I don’t mean that you have to know everything about your coworker. But, if you hold a respectful and nice relationship with everyone at your workplace, it will make you want to go to work every single day, not saying that you have to see them almost 40 hours per week. Like where I work right now, we talk about things besides our work, and we feel like we motivate each other, which indeed make our life at work much easier. You can find some time during your lunch break to do this and build positive relationships with other people.

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You should also take a break!

I know that working 8 hours per day is really hectic. My colleagues and I always say how working only 6 hours may be more effective. But, we can’t change it! Instead, I decide to have a break in between one or two hours. Imagine we were just like a machine; our bodies would easily wear out if we kept working nonstop. When you try to keep walk out of your cubicles, and get some fresh air, your mind would indeed be refreshed.

How about decorating your working space?

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That is the place where you spend your whole office life. So, decorating something fun and lovely on your table may help your mind a lot. Have you tried putting on some motivational cards or quotes? You would feel more comfortable and make yourself move forward. Putting some succulents on your desk may be a good idea as well! Because they not only make your mind feel better but they are also plants that absorb radiation from pc pretty well.

Work is only “at work”!

I know work is important. But it does not mean it’s the only thing involved in your life. Investing your time in family, friends, hobbies or even yourself is essential too! So, if you try to work more even after work, you would not be excited to get to work in the next morning. Instead, if you can’t finish it just yet, prioritize that task to complete in the day after. The more work you put out of your mind, the more reviving your mind will be!

Again, learn something new and different!

Lenin once said “Learn, learn more, learn forever” Personally, learning is a never-ending process. So, if you think working is also a learning process, you will always be eager to work. It is an experience for you to improve yourself to better achieve your goals. If there is no new job for you to learn, try to ask others and see how they are doing it. It will also be a good way to learn.

how to stay positive by learning

Multitasking, good or not?

I used to think, if I could multi-task, I could get more work done faster. However, through time, I knew that I was wrong. Because different tasks may require different skills, multitasking just delays each work to get done on time. Instead, trying to focus on one job will make you feel even more motivated to get it finished earlier.

Mistakes are not always bad!

I used to focus too much on what kind of mistakes I have made and belittle myself. But now, I learned that a mistake is also a lesson for you, because you learn how not to make the same mistake again. Don’t mind making any minor mistakes, because people will forget it eventually; instead, being successful is what they will remember the most about you.

Don’t forget to reward yourself!

You don’t need others to compliment you on what you have done. As a matter of fact, you should reward yourself first on your accomplishments when you have tried hard to achieve it. Any small gifts for yourself may keep you proud and motivated over time.

These are so simple and easy to do, including always putting on a smile or having some plants that absorb radiation from pc. And of course, they will all help you stay positive at work even more, and in return, stay productive at doing your tasks. I hope you find my article helpful, and it would be great to hear that you can successfully keep good attitude at work.

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