How to stay motivated at work

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How many times have you felt exhausted and just wanted to quit doing your job? I can say that it is very common and normal to feel like so. Here are the few ways to help you boost up your energy again.

You are equipped with many useful office appliances such as best paper shredders, best standing desks just to increase the convenience and use your saved time on some other important work. However, your body simply is another ‘machine’ that has been running non-stop. And you start to feel worn out. Like I said, it is completely normal to all of us. All we need to do is work smarter and plan our day wisely. Below are the more vivid suggestions to back up my words.

4 ways to motivate yourself at work

How do you identify your tasks?

You can’t agree with me more when you know clearly what you need to do to feel accomplished. You will feel amazed whenever you made some progress in your ongoing project, or whenever you can draft a more effective plan for your work. Otherwise, you would feel like nothing you’ve been doing is worth trying. Your brain can be trained! If you consider work as something boring and dreadful, you can never want to even start it out. I got this helpful tip from The Muse that instead of having ‘To do’ List, we can try “Got Done’ list at the end of every day to see how far you have achieved during the day. You can find several handy notebooks to keep track of your daily list and feel accomplished every day.

Get feedback from others

Sometimes, you might be afraid or too shy to ask for feedback because you think you may do something wrong. Instead, asking for feedback can make you feel more confident and boost up your ego. You may ask, in what way? In the way that you trust whatever you have been doing is right and can reason yourself well enough to persuade other people. Then, they will realize your true ‘talents’ or true ‘gift’ and you will feel more appreciated. Never be afraid to raise your voice in every meeting. If you want to learn how to be more confident in front of a team, these books can definitely help you do that by giving you more detailed advices of public speaking. Also, make sure you note down all the feedback so you can even better the tasks eventually.

Read daily, as much as you can!

There is not a single millionaire that does not read every day! Needless to say, reading books daily can give you a better and clearer mind and guidance on whatever you decide to do during the day. Some people may not be readers, and that is not a big thing! If you learn better by listening, you can actually get some of the most popular audio books that can help strengthen the skills you want to achieve. Don’t be reluctant to try out multiple ways of learning every day. Just as WikiHow has stated, a few motivational speech and books can help you even feel better.

Do some exercise, will ya?

exercise motivation

I have mentioned this in the article how to reduce stress or we may have heard about this multiple times, but it never fails to be the most effective way to shake off your negative energy. Take a 15 minute break every time you feel overloaded, and during this time, you can take a short walk outside with nature. Or you can get the best standing desks to avoid sitting for hours as a lot of seating can actually lead to many other bad diseases.

Do you mind too much the things that do not really matter?

How many times have you been wondering what others will think if you do this or that? How many times have you felt reluctant to do something just because it might not go the way you want? Nick Miller, the main lead from ‘New Girl’, said that doing things that do not mean a dime can cost you a ton of mental energy, where you can spend it on something more worthy. How about thinking that it will be the way you want it to be? Hard things take time for sure, but if you bother yourself thinking about the thing that may not happen, you simply waste more time on it. Everything is worth trying. Another advice from The Muse is that on a sheet of paper, list out everything that may seem uncontrollable and putting you down and try to eliminate them every day. These are the few tips that you can practice on your daily life to extract yourself from negative impact on your energy. And I am pretty sure that as long as you try them out, day by day, you can only feel that you enjoy doing whatever task you have at work. Hope this guide can help you well. Or sometimes, you feel irritated because your best paper shredders do not work well. Mind less when you can find tons of tips on how to use them correctly and don’t let it negatively affect you the rest of the day.

I know there would be times when you don’t feel like doing anything. That is when you take these advices into consideration. This can be very helpful for you to be more effective for the rest of the day.

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