How to Reduce Stress in The Workplace?

Too much work makes us feel tired, stressed out, and even work inefficiently because the spirit and energy has been worn out. To relieve stress, what should you do? Being as the one who is doing the 9-5 job, I can relate myself to most of you in this aspect. Hence, I would like to give some of my advices how to overcome stress.


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The center of stress

For many people, stress is considered the "heat spot" that is extremely hard to resolve because it is "gathered" from what seemed very trivial in our daily activities. Many office workers believe that there will be less stress than usual if the nature of work involves sitting in the cooler area. In reality, proved otherwise, they are the subject of the most serious stress syndrome. Although the work seems easy, tension mostly results from complicated workload, pressure from superiors, subordinates, etc. plus constrained and little greenery work space, the accumulation of stress the chance for its outbreak is inevitable. 

With the office peolpe, vacation means going release stress. Another issue imposed is when returning to work, how would you feel if a pile of work is waiting for you? It is not pleasant at all when probably “killjoy” called "stress" defeats you once again. Many people is having a headache to find an effective solution to combat stress. In fact, the so-called solutions that can be done are right in your office

Doing few easy exercises

You feel uncomfortable to sit for a long time in front of a computer screen. It leads to the numbness in your legs, sometimes even cramps, which makes you feel a very uncomfortable twinge. It’s time you should get up, go back and forth for a few minutes and stretch your arms and legs multiple times. Do not forget making some movements in your neck, shoulders and abdomen. If you spend about 5 minutes doing this, you will improve blood circulation, prevent varicose veins, and eliminate uric acid that causes joint damage and avoid the risk of abdominal fat accumulation.

Drink water

Eye fatigue due to working with computers and the feeling of sleepiness are signs of water shortage. The scientists pointed out that if the body lacks water only 1- 2%, it is enough to slow down the thinking process. To avoid this you always have one bottle of water on your desk to drink even when not feeling thirsty. Drinking adequate water will also help you reduce the cancer risk by 7%.

Take a nap

Give yourself a good habit of having a short nap at noon (at the office or at home). This short afternoon nap helps you regain vitality and spirit to work for the afternoon. Finding a quiet place cannot be generally comfortable, but you also get to relax muscles, especially the neck and eyes. Moreover, the brain also needs proper rest to reduce stress at work.

Why not "gossip"?

This is a way that the majority of office female employees normally do when the boss is not around. Sometimes some gossip or sharing of life experience or story also helps us forget fatigue and stress. Of course, you should not spend too much time on it because it will definitely affect the work and if unfortunately overheard by your colleagues, you will possibly damage the relationship with them and create the inconvenient working atmosphere.

These are several easy and simple tips to overcome stress. If you like it, please share with your friends and colleagues. If you have any other ideas or suggestions, I would love to hear more from you. Besides these tips, you can also find ways to make you feel better after spending a lot of times in front of computers. Specifically, you can find ways to absorb the computer radiation. And one of the way is to have plants that absorb radiation. Trying out these things during lunch break may also do you a lot of help too.  

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