Paper Shredder Reviews- How to clean your device

Paper Shredder Reviews- Cleaning a shredder is just as simple as you wish!

A paper shredder has become an irreplaceable comapnion everywhere, from offices to houses for its useful shredding features. However, it is still a normal machine that need properly cleaning to prolong its useful life.  Therefore, after making all of the reviews for the top paper shredders, it’s time for us to shout out how to clean your paper shredder without damaging any single part of it.

Step 1- Unplug your paper shredding machine

Unplug paper shredder

This is the first and utmost step you definitely cannot forget or ignore in cleaning any kind of appliance. You should consider your own safety initally because some paper shredders automatically turn on and start shredding constantly once something touches its cutting blades.

Step 2- Start disassembling parts of the machine


AmazonBasics 12-front-253x300

AmazonBasics Paper Shredder

First thing first, take out the lid above the container simply by unscrewing it from the case ( if screws applied here) or lifting it off in some other cases. It will take less than 3 minutes to do so. Easy job!

Notes: If it’s too hard to remove, you may need to hold the instruction manual in hand and follow its guide not to break pieces apart.

Step 3- Remove all the papers inside


It will take less than a minute because you simply turn the case upside down into the trash bin. However, in cases where papers are still stuck inside, carefully remove the case so that the blades and the jammed papers will be exposed. And it will take a longer time to do it.


  • Always be careful when putting your hand around the blades. Remember how many pages it can shred per time to know how sharp it is.
  • For better taking out all the bits of papers, use a table knife or the one with dull blade.

Step 4- Start cleaning

You should feel relieved as there’s not much thing to clean inside your machine, because as a matter of fact, all you shred is paper and clean materials like CDS or credit cards.

Use a paper towel or a small cloth to wipe out any possible ink dust or mark inside.

kits paper shredder

To wash out all the dust, you can use a cleaning wipes or even make your own cleaning liquid by mixing little amount of dish soap with lukewarm water, or some rubbing alcohol. After that, use a towel or cloth again to wipe out those applied areas and use another towel to dry them out. Normally, it will take only 5-7 minutes to do so.


  • When cleaning blades or sharp areas, use cotton swabs (buds).
  • If you use those cleaning liquids, you can use gleaning gloves to protect your hands. But of course, it’s optional since it takes only a few minutes to complete this step.

Step 5- Reassemble the machine

Once you make sure no single dust is left inside your paper shredding machine, you can start reassemble it by reversing the step of taking out the lid or screwing the back of the case. Remember to screw it back tightly enough to get it well function again.

Here are all the necessary steps you need to do when cleaning your machine. We hope you will find it helpful and we’re sure you can do it nicely! To save you time from making your own cleaning set, you can consider buying one of this to help you out completely.

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