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Paper Shredder Reviews- These are requirements for the best shredding machine

The fear of some confidential documents landing in the wrong hands is the thinking behind the invention of the shredder. A few documents finding their way into the wrong hands can spell doom to a business that you have spend most of your life building. At home, the privacy of your family is also very important and so it is important to ensure that this is not compromised by poor disposal. Therefore, paper shredders have now become necessary devices of the offices, government organizations, businesses, and private individuals because of privacy concerns. Besides, it also helps reducing unnecessary paperwork and make the office become more compact, cleaner. Everybody can use a paper shredder not only to destroy private, confidential, or otherwise sensitive documents but also to cut CDs, DVDs, credit cards,…

There are very many types of shredders in the market with most of them differing in some aspects like performance. In order to find one that will best serve your needs there are several factors that you have to consider.

Factors to consider when choosing your shredder

Performance of the shredder



Different shredders have different performance capabilities depending on their size, model and features. Some are capable of shredding as little as 20 documents a day while others can be able to shred multiple times that. When using performance as a parameter to select your shredder you should consider your expected volume of shredding. If you expect to shred many documents in a day then you will need to buy a shredder that will be able to perform to that level.

Still under performance you should consider the number of documents that the shredder is capable of shredding in a single feed. With some shredders you can be able to shred multiple documents at once while for others you have to put a single document at a time. For some homes the single document one may be enough since you are not in a hurry or you do not have much to shred.

Security Level

security level

security level

The main reason for using the shredder is not simply to dispose the documents but it is to ensure that they are not read by people who are not supposed to. This means that security of the document is your top most priority. Different shredders offer different levels of security which is determined by their style of shredding.

The level of security that you can expect from your home or office shredder can be categorized into three according to the type of shredding. These are strip-cut shredders, cross-cut shredders and micro-cut shredders.

Style of ShredderStrip-cut shredderCross-cut shredderMicro-cut shredder
Particle sizes of shredders of 100% scalestrip-cut shreddingcross-cut shreddingmicro-cut shredding
DescriptionThis is the original type of shredder and it offers the lowest level of security among all shredders. These type of shredders cuts a document into thin strips and is capable of cutting a letter sized document into about 40-50 strips. It is useful for shredding documents that are not very sensitive.These types of shredders are the most common and popular types of shredders. This is because they shred documents from two different directions i.e. diagonally and horizontally. For a standard letter size document you can expect between 300-400 shreds. It is very useful for shredding sensitive information since it is impossible to decipher information from the shreds even when using computer programs.These are the most secure shredders among the three types. They are capable of shredding a standard document into up to 3000 tiny pieces and hence making the document very secure. Once you shred the document using this shredder it is gone and there is literally nothing that can be used to retrieve information from it. It is very popular with government institutions but you can also use it at home if you have very sensitive documents to dispose.




Different types of shredders come equipped with different features besides from the shredding capabilities. For example, some shredders have a bin full warning feature that lets you know when the bin is full. With other shredders you have to keep on guessing and estimating which can be very messy.

Some other features would include slots that let you shred other items like CD/DVD, credit cards or even paper clips. The features that your choice of shredder should have will be dictated by your individual needs. If you do not need to shred any credit card then it would not be necessary for you to buy one with this feature. It is important to remember that the more the features the more expensive the shredder will be.

Throat size

The throat is the opening where you feed the papers from. This opening has to be big enough to fit the documents that you want to shred without having to fold it. If you are not sure with the exact size of the papers you will be shredding then a good advice here would be to buy a shredder with a 9 inch throat. This is because a 9 inch throat will be able to accommodate most standard document sizes without having to fold them.

Weight of the paper


All shredders have the capability of shredding the standard weight paper or regular bond papers. If your papers are heavier than this then it is important you first determine which shredder can be able to shred this. If the paper is even slightly heavier than the standard paper the shredder might be able to shred it but it may not be as you wanted. Heavier papers can also cause frequent jams in the shredder and so weight of the paper should be a significant factor.




Besides from being very useful at home the shredder is also a very dangerous machine. A tie caught in the shredder is capable of choking a person to death. The possibility of shredding your fingers accidentally is also a realistic danger that the shredder posses.

Many manufactures are always coming up with new safety features to reduce the possibility of accidents. One of this is creating a small slat that even a child’s fingers cannot fit and hence eliminating the possibility of accidental shredding. Other features are inbuilt sensors that stop the shredder when they sense fingers too close.

When buying your shredder look out for these safety features especially when you are buying one for your home. With kids in the house a little caution will go a long way in keeping them safe.

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