How to Avoid Sitting Disease

How to avoid sitting disease

Hello to all office people out there! So far, I have shared my experiences on how to reduce stress at work as I understand how hectic our day is. Today, I want to tap into a more health-related issue: how to make you feel comfortable and relaxed in your office. We all know we’re facing that one problem, where you have to sit in front of your computer, at your desk 9-5 every single day. Sometimes, your back hurts or your whole body aches after getting off work. Worry no more, as I will share you my stories of how I treat myself well at work to get rid of, or reduce as much as you can, the “sitting disease”.

The most important part of my body that I’m worried the most is my back bone. Apparently, you spend a lot of time sitting at one spot for more than 8 hours, so both your neck and you back may feel stretched out and tense, one common symptom of the sitting disease. That’s why finding a comfortable and appropriate chair can do to your entire neck and back bone. Why don’t you try out this SPACE Professional Seat chair? What I like about this is the breathable air grid back with adjustable headrest. You can also easily adjust the chair height that fits your desk or table. And the adjustable angled arms with extremely soft PU pads makes it just right for you. The price seems reasonable for me considering its high grade leather, high quality lift mechanism and casters. You will have no hard time moving around to every single corner of your office. To have more support on your back, you can’t miss this soft memory foam seat cushion. The price is relatively high but it surely helps relax your hip muscle and back pain. The quality is undeniable as it is made of high quality and durable memory foam that is also machine-washable. Isn’t it amazing for busy people like us?

We must all be familiar with our pc at work. But interacting too much with it may cause you a lot of problems. First of all, it emits a lot of radiation that badly affects your eyes and health. My colleagues have suggested that I put some small plants that can absorb the radiation from the computer. It was proven that little green decoration can actually relieve your stressed mind so I think it helps me a lot. Secondly, it may also influence other parts of your body such as neck, back bones, etc. So you should start considering buying multiple useful things to keep yourself in right position while working. Finding a good-shaped mouse and support pad for keyboard is a must. I have currently used this mouse because its sculpted shape give so much support for your hand as your hand will stay the same in one place when moving the cursor. As we all know, Logitech is one of the best guys out there that have done such a great job for advanced-technology accessories. This one is not an exception. And you do not feel irritated of moving it around as it goes perfectly wireless.

Also, I’m one of those who would type a lot of things on the computer, so I need a good support equipment to let my wrist rest while doing so. Once in a while, you need to rotate your wrist multiple times to reduce the constant strain on muscles not only in the wrist but also in your neck, arms and shoulders. For a better support items, I trust Uarter Computer Armrest on this aspect. The material is super durable and comfortable. Of course, I can easily adjust it to better support my wrist and elbow to avoid any chronic disease. You can easily attach it to your chair’s armrest without any burden. What’s more, I also have this wrist-rest pad that is made of extremely-conforming memory foam. Of course, it is not as soft as your memory foam pillow, which is perfect for me as it ensures the hand position in the proper way.

My day would not start without a presentation or a meeting; so, obviously I have to stand a lot of times in front of the team. Sometimes, my feet will get extremely tired out and strained. Therefore, I need to get myself this VARIDESK Mat 36 as it successfully combats not only my backache, but also hip pain and foot fatigue while standing. The mat is also guaranteed high quality and long-lasting material as I have used it for half a year without any damage at all. It would be insufficient if I missed out the item to support my feet. I tried this foot cushion from Safco. The foam, once again, is not too soft or too firm, which is perfect to rest my ankle. This may help you hold a better posture and reduces the risk of poor blood circulation to your feet. The semi-cylindrical shape can actually position your feet better. And the price is competitively cheaper than others.

Together with all of these supporting furniture and office tools, every hour you should spend about 5-10 minutes doing some quick exercises to stretch out and properly position your body. And once again, a little green in your office does you a lot of favor as they are also radiation absorbing plants. I’m sure that once you feel happy and energized at work without body pain, you can definitely be happier and more productive. Also, you should not forget to have a healthy diet everyday and have good relaxing time during lunch break. You can then definitely say goodbye to the sitting disease we’ve been talking about. Good luck on that for everyone!

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