Fellowes Powershred 455Ms 9-Sheet Micro-Cut

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Fellowes Powershred 455Ms 9-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder with Auto Reverse

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Micro Cut




  • Perfect small office shredder
  • SafeSense Technology stops shredder when hands touch the paper opening
  • Shreds CDs/DVDs, plastic credit cards, and staples
  • Backed by a 1 Year product warranty and 5 Year Cutter warranty

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You are not satisfied with how your papers are cut through cross cut paper shredders . If you think most standard cross cut shredders cut slightly too big pieces compared to your preference and you need a paper shredder with high security with the worries of fierce competitors. It’s time you should think about owning a micro cut paper shredder immediately. Now, let me introduce and give you a detailed reviews on Fellowes Powershred 455Ms that provides ultimate protection for confidential documents.

What are main features of this Powershred 455Ms ?

Fellowes Powershred 455Ms is one of the most affordable machines in Fellowes Powershred Ms family. However, it has all features that a good paper shredder must have with such a simple design (22.8" H x 13.8" W x 10.4" D). The 455Ms can shred up to 9 sheets of paper with Security Level P-5 micro-cut particles. This machine also safely cut CDs/DVDs, credit cards, and staples. What makes it stand out is that the 455Ms has an auto-reverse system which gently stops and reverses paper if a jam occurs. Wha’ts more, its pull-out bin capacity is 5-gallon with the ability to shred for over 10 minutes before a cool down period and the 455Ms shredder is ideal for one user uses.

Why do you pay twice for this shredder?

You may feel reluctant to spend more money on a shredder but let’s be honest. What are you looking for from a shredder? Isn’t it ultimate super protection of your confidential documents? Then, it’s a no big deal for Powershred 445M. It is a micro cut paper shredder and can shred paper to tiny particles – they look like small gravel in the basket, meaning really fine pieces. You can feel safe in knowing that the material is entirely destroyed after using this machine. Of course, it’s worth a double pay if you compare with a cross cut shredder.

Which shredder can operate quietly enough not to wake up anyone?

The Powershred 455Ms is an absolute answer. It is very quiet compared to the other micro cut shredders I have used. When I was using this machine, my colleague nearby ( with a distance of around 3 meters or 9 feet) could freely answer his phone and it did not interfere or annoy him at all as our previous machines did.

SafeSense Technology? Absolutely nice!

If you have followed my other paper shredder reviews, you would notice this technology system supported in some other shredding machines, especially in other Fellowes members. This micro cut paper shredder is not an exception. The shredder immediately stops if someone touches any part of the silver plastic around the shredder's entry slots. My colleague bravely tested its sensitivity by touching the opening area while shredding, and surprisingly, it stopped working right away. It is such great feature if you have child and pet run around your working place. Furthermore, you can save money in maintaining some parts of the machine, blades for instance, if it keeps shredding no matter what kind of objects is feeded into the shredder.

Why should you select the Powershred 455Ms?

  • For SMALL OFFICE or HOME use, only one user use
  • Safety features
  • Excellent security, confetti level P-5
  • Own all of the above features at a reasonable price

You should NOT choose the Powershred 455Ms if:

  • Have big office with more than 1 user use
  • Don't empty your shredder until it is overfilled
  • Need heavy duty shredder can work continuously


It is perfect shredder for someone owning small office or home use and require high secure in shredding paper. You will not be annoyed by noise and protect your child by safe technology when you work with this shredder.

User Rating

The Good Stuff:
  • Surprisingly quiet operation
  • Excellent security with confetti level P-5
  • Handy removable bin
  • Anti-jam features
  • Separate bin between cut credit card/CDs and papers
The Bad Stuff:
  • Quickly getting overheated (10 minutes)

The removable bin is very handy. When attached, it doesn't let any stray bits go flying off

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Fellowes 455Ms

Fellowes 455Ms


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