Fellowes Powershred 225Mi Micro cut Shredder Reviews

Fellowes Powershred 225Mi

Fellowes Powershred 225Mi


8.5 /10


8.8 /10


8.0 /10


9.3 /10


  • The high ability of multitasking
  • Energy saving system
  • High ultimate protection
  • Super high shredding speed


  • Bulkier size than usual
  • Not good keeper system for the basket

Micro cut shredder reviews: Fellowes Powershred 225Mi is a reliable multi-functioning shredder

Fellowes Powershred 225MiNowadays, when companies have to get rid of many confidential documents due to privacy issues, the use of paper shredders has rapidly increased. However, for big offices and individuals who have had to deal with stacks of papers every working hour, they would like to avoid small and slow working paper shredding appliances. After working on different machines, we finally come up with the Fellows PowerShred 225mi, the perfect deal for you as it is much more efficient and 100% jam proof . The inbuilt 14-sheet micro-cut shredder is here to solve your problems, without any sweat. It is a reliable, efficient and a super fast shredder that will make your shredding faster and an easy task. This is a commercial shredder that is simply going to interest you.

100% Jam proof system: A must-have for a basic shredder

JamProofLike many of other cross or micro cut shredder reviews I have given so far, this has become the must-have feature to save us time and energy. Power shred 225Mi is even perfect when you want to shred large amounts of junk. It is fitted with an efficient anti-jamming system which eliminates any paper jam powering it to conduct very tough jobs without any failures. Besides, this Power Shred 225Mi micro cut shredder has a 16 gallon bin that can easily hold more than 85% of shredded particles per gallon than the standard cross-cut bins in other machines.

Silent and safe operation: Absolutely nice!

SlientShredThe shredder is fitted with a silent shred technology which offers super-quiet performance in shared environments such as offices. What’s more, the Safe Sense Technology is also enabled so that  the machine is built for high safety for users like us. To accomplish this, it has a touch sensor on the paper opening side that will automatically stop shredding when it senses any finger touch on it.

SafesenseWhat’s more, as I talked about security level before, this is among level 5 of security capabilities when it can shred documents to an unbelievable particle size of 5/68 by 15/34. This shredder has that capability of shredding paper into a particle size which is ten times smaller than the standard cross-cut shredders which offers you the ultimate protection that you deserve.

The ability of multi-functioning

SuperiorPerformanceThe machine also has the capability to shred credit cards, and not only does it shred like common shredders, this shredder ensures it cannot be assembled back providing more security. Besides, it has the ability of supporting more than one user and it is a really reliable feature because in my company, many people have the needs in shredding materials at all times so we definitely can save time and things can later be done faster and sooner.

With PowerShred 225 Mi, up-to 5 different users can shred at the same time.

It is also known for being a multi-shredder when Power shred 225Mi has the capabilities of shredding both sheets of paper, DVDs, CDs and even staples. The speed of shredding can go up to 20 sheets per pass. That’s what I want to emphasize on because in each pass, 20 sheets is a considerably great number of sheets that a machine can ever shred.

Other similarly nice features of this micro cut shredder

The machine has a continuous run time which makes it very much effective. So, you can save time by shredding papers twice per week only instead of doing it every day. And like in the cross cut shredder reviews of AmazonBasics, I love how it can save my company a lot of power and energy since it is fitted with an energy saving system which ensures optimum power efficiency when the machine is switched on but sparingly on use.

The size gives you a little trouble!

This shredder measures 29.38 H by 17.75 W by 17.13 D. It has a weight of about 92 lbs. It may be hard for you to move around, especially when you have to change your office locations. I would understand what you need to go through when moving around; so unfortunately, I have to give it a minus point for its bulky size. Even worse, this shredder tends to be taller than the usual small size shredders so prepare yourself to expand the space occupied by the shredder in your office. However, considering its ability for heavy duty shredding, it is still worth buying. Despite it being bigger and better, the other downfall is related to its basket when it does not have a good keeper system for the bags


To make things even much interesting, this machine comes with a two- year warranty on the machine and a whooping seven year warranty on the cutter so your security and satisfaction is guaranteed.


For any particular person who always finds it so exhausting and tiresome to shred a single piece of sheet every time manually, your problem will be solved with Power Shred 225 Mi shredder. This shredder does unto 20 sheets per pass, which is an impressive number of shredded papers. This basically equals to a height of about 17 feet that can be shred in a single minute. Even with the other big industrial models in the market, this machine comes with a single unique feature like no other that you need to try out- the jam proof system. You need to get one for yourself to experience this magic technology. For those people who have been experiencing problems shredding their credit cards and CDs then I recommend this particular shredder to you. It does that perfectly. With my review I feel that this type of shredder is the best in the market compared to the other smaller cross-cut shredders that you knew about and you need to get one for your office today.

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