Bonsaii DocShred C156-D Cross Cut Shredder

Bonsaii DocShred C156-D

Bonsaii DocShred C156-D


8.5 /10


7.0 /10


9.3 /10


8.6 /10


  • Super quiet operation
  • Nice, and compact design
  • Easy to open, set-up, and use
  • Powerful performance


  • Low security shredding on credit card
  • Low shredding capacity

Bonsaii DocShred C156-D Cross Cut Shredder: A Comprehensive Review

Shredders offer businesspersons as well as private individuals peace of mind because they make all confidential information unavailable to unauthorised entities. The Bonsaii DocShred C156-D 12 Cross Cut Shredder prevents crimes such as identity theft, fraud, and corporate espionage by destroying all the classified information. It is also quite flexible: a person can use it at home or in the office because it is both light and compact.

BonsaiiC156_upProduct Description

The Bonsaii DocShred C156-D Cross Cut Paper Shredder has easy to understand features that make it accessible to anyone. It is perfect for home use but can also be used in the office. It can shred a wider range of items compared to the ordinary shredder: confidential documents, credit cards, CDs, and DVDs.


  • The capacity to slice up to 12 sheets in one stroke
  • 5mm×45mm shred
  • Shreds credit cards and DVDs
  • Auto start/stop and reverse function
  • Basket window to check if the container is full

12 paper sheets? CDs or DVDs? Easy job!


I would like to give a heads-up for its ability to shred a bunch of sheets just by a click of a button. Apparently, this Bonsaii DocShred C156-D is hassle-free, and very easy to use. It can shred all confidential information that you want to dispose, including paper, CDs, DVDs, and credit cards, effortlessly. And the product’s patented blading technology is uncomplicated: C-156D can “devour” 12 A4-sized sheets in one application. With its uncomplicated definition, it surely gives you less headache for handling another kind of machine.  So while you are in the office, trying to use your hands to break CDs or DVDs into small pieces, or manual scissors to cut off credit cards into junk, by having this  Bonsaii 12-sheet cross cut shredder, it can slice these items into pieces within seconds. Not a big deal at all for it!

No need to worry about jammed papers

This Bonsaii Shredder amazingly supports with Jam and Overload Protection, which I like the best. Imagine when you’re overloaded with work, then you even got more issues with jammed paper, you would be stressed out more or less. This cross cut paper shredder will do you a favor as it has a motor overload protection device, which has been coupled with an advanced cooling system. The device can terminate its operation automatically if subjected to abnormal situations: exceeding shredding capacity or prolonged shredding operation. If the paper gets stuck in the shredder, simply sliding the reverse switch to get the paper out enables the shredder resume normal operation. This is also a great choice for home office when the device has a handle that allows easy lifting. Its compact nature – 17.7×8.6×13.8” and light weight 7.6 pounds – makes it ideal for the home office environment.

The Bonsaii Shredder is more than just a Shredder

BonsaiiC156_aboveI especially lauded the Bonsaii DocShred for being exceedingly quiet, compared to other shredders I had used before, which is highly convenient. I was also particularly pleased with its huge basket, stating that it needed less emptying, and its handle, which made pulling the top off the basket much easier. I, however, was disappointed by the credit card/CD slot because it only sliced my credit card into four large pieces. In spite of this shortcoming, I said that after inserting the card into the paper shredder slot, it sliced the credit card well.

I appreciate Bonsaii’s quiet shredding ability, claiming that it, in addition, cut pieces of paper much faster, which is exceptional. I added that it sliced paper in such a way that putting it back together again would be too much trouble – paper was cut very disproportionately. I also felt that the lid had been oriented so well that a person would not accidentally dump the bin as I carried it around.

How Amazon Customers rated the Bonsaii DocShredder C-156 D

BonsaiiC156_back394 customers reviewed this product. Out of the total, 245 rated it 5 stars, 94 rated it 4 stars, 23 rated it 3 stars, 11 rated it 2 stars while 21 believed it deserved a 1-star rating. Overall, most clients stated that it catered to their shredding needs while a few felt it was not the best product in the market.

It is a Great Addition to another document Shredder

A satisfied customer from Amazon claimed his bigger shredder could not work continuously, so he bought a smaller version to help him out whenever the bigger one stops working. He claims the Bonsii DocShredder worked optimally and even took over the place of the bigger one!

It can be inefficient at times

A somewhat dissatisfied customer pointed out that the shredder could only shred one 3 sheets at a go. Anything more than that makes the device uncomfortable. He also pointed out that one had to remove staples before shredding. However, he remarked the size of the bin and the sturdiness of the top.  What’s more, the CD/Credit Card Slot only cuts credit cards into 4 pieces.


There is a 1 year warranty and you need to contact the manufacturer for more details.

Our Verdict

The Bonsaii cross cut shredder is an excellent addition to office equipment. Its weight and compact nature give it the convenience and ease ability to be moved around. Additionally, many customers have commended its efficiency and capacity to shred paper into tiny pieces. However, the device, just like all other devices has a few faults: it does not adequately destroy credit cards and slices few sheets of paper at a go. Nevertheless, clients felt the product is a great buy for its price.

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Bonsaii DocShred Family

Bonsaii DocShred C560-D 6-SheetBonsaii DocShred S170 8-SheetBonsaii DocShred C156-C 8-SheetBonsaii DocShred C156-D 12-Sheet
Cut typeCross Cut Strip Cut Cross Cut Cross Cut
Jam preventionAuto Start Manual Reverse Auto Start Manual Reverse Auto Start Manual Reverse Auto Start Manual Reverse
Overhearting & overloading protectionYes Yes Yes Yes
CD/credit card slotYes Yes Yes
Max pages per load (80gsm A4 paper)6 8812
Cutting size4*10 millimeters 7 millimeters 4*10 millimeters 5*45 millimeters
Cutting speed2.3 meters/minute 3 meters/minute 1.8 meters/minute 1.8 meters/minute
Continuous run time3 minutes 2 minutes 3 minutes 3 minutes
Noise level68dB 74dB 72 db 72 db
Basket capacity3.9 gallons3.4 gallons 5.5 gallons 5.5 gallons

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