Paper Shredder Reviews- Common issues

Paper Shredder Reviews- Having a hard time on shredding your papers?

These are the common problems with paper shredders that have made you go wild and frustrated, and how you can fix them.

As you may know how paper shredder can apparently protect yourself and business from vastly growing identity theft, as shown in the Guardian, paper shredder brings more benefits than you ever imagine. However, they are still machines, and sometimes, problems may occur at some point. We have listed out these most popular issues that the users have faced.

The paper shredding machine just doesn’t work! At all!

The first and even the worst problem that you may have once coped with is its non-operating issue. Admit it or not, when you want to get things done fast and see your machine just doesn’t work, you would feel much upset, wouldn’t you?

Then, you should check your cable at the very beginning moment. Sometimes, we completely forget whether it’s been plugged into the outlet because it’s been hidden behind the machine. You can also check the cutting head of the machine to see if it has been set properly because sometimes it is out of operation for safety issues. Your third option could be checking your instruction manual (you should remember to keep it neat and safe at all time, it’s your “final weapon” after all).

In the worst case, you should also check it out with the machine manufacturer through your warranty. Take the chance when you still can.

The paper shredder is too annoying.

Simply because it makes so much noise!

The paper shredder consists of many other units that altogether work at the same time, where the noise usually comes from. However, if you observe your machine for a while and you can still notice the abnormal noise, it’s time for you to take some actions. May it’s time for you to change oil in the machine as we have made a clear explanation for the use of oil before. Now, the powerful instruction manual takes place again as it may show how to change oil in more details. Another tip can be putting an oil-soaked paper sheet through the paper shredding machine and another dry sheet right after that. And remember that only shredder oil is needed.

Also, you can check out some machines that work completely in silent mode, like BONSAII DOCSHRED C156-D.



The machine stops abruptly!

stop paper shredder review

Any machine will fail you once by not working all of a sudden just because it has been overworking.

Be cautious if you use a small shredder, the chance is that it may not work constantly for hours. Hence, you need to give it a break for 20-30 minutes. Otherwise, you should check your paper basket to see if it is full or jammed because some may not work when their bins are all up. Also, notice the warnings the machine may give you on any of its part.

Paper jam happens!

paperjam paper shredder

Like traffic, too many inputs would get stuck easily.

And no matter how well the machine functions, it can’t be jam-free. Or when the machine suddenly stops as above. And what you need to do is get rid of those unable-to-be-shredded-anymore papers from your machine. Unlike printers, you need to undo the process by running the machine in the reverse mode. If the issues get worse, you can think of oiling the machine to take out all those sheets.

The paper shredder takes no paper!

paper shredder takes no paperIt is such a horrifying issue when the paper shredder is not a paper-friendly! This could result from the malfunction of the cutting units. They may not properly rotate inside or some parts just need more maintenance. Don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer if possible.

These are the common issues that we have coped during the time we spent on it. If you’ve experienced something more, let us know as well.

Hope you’ll enjoy time on your machine!

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