5 Things to Do in The Lunch Break

What do you do during your lunch break?

A study in Australia has found that almost 4 million office people did not nap at all. This is actually harmful to your health and work efficiency. Being a office worker, I have to agree that without any proper break in between, my day will be less productive as expected. Therefore, I would love to introduce to our beloved readers five healthy habits you need to do during your lunch break.

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Planning "my time".

You may think that once working, none of your time is actually “yours”. And definitely, your time is often limited by the busy work. But, why not take a lunch hour per week for your private life?

This planner may be perfect for you if you have whatever plan for your own business, weekends or vacations.

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Everyone knows about the benefits of sports. It can apparently improve your mood, reduce stress and much more. However, to get up early to exercise is difficult for busy people. There are other options for you in many fitness centers, there are nowadays fitness packages that offer 30-minute afternoon classes. Be active during the holidays will help you feel full of vigor in the rest of the day. Or you can just get a mat, turn on your favorite workout channel and simply start 30-minute-straight exercise.

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You can simply take a break from overloading work and a pile of paperwork by taking a walk outside the building. This reminds me of one of my coworkers. She can always keep herself energetic and lively almost every day (it would be unrealistic if I say every single day even though I can feel so from her.) Then, I asked her, how she can stay away from stress, she would simply answer, “Be with nature!” What she meant is that, sometimes you can just walk around any nearby park, simply leaving behind any of your static work. And I can’t agree more with her now. If you can't go outside, take nature inside your room with these plants that absorb radiation. Therefore, it can not only help you release stress but also maintain your work effectiveness. 

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Healthy lunch.

Although a healthy diet is good for health, not everyone at the office have again done this. Skipping lunch or not having enough for lunch can severely affect blood sugar levels, which reduces the energy for work and increases poor concentration. If you want to have good results in the afternoon work, then eat a healthy lunch from now on.

I know it is hard since most of you have early work. I take myself as an example. Since work starts early, I have to get out of the house around 6-6.30am most of the time. My solution is cooking at the night before and pack everything ready for work in the following day. Then, the next day, you don’t have to rush to work without any lunch. It sounds like a lot of cooking at night time, but as you get used to it, it will do you a lot of favor for the next morning.

I used this lunch bag everyday for its convenience. I can’t find any other bags that have multiple layers and rooms for not only my lunch box but also my snacks and small bottled drinks. But this is such a perfect choice.

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Chatting with friends.

If your life is all just work and work, use the noon time to connect with friends you do not have time to meet. It is definitely better than just staying at your same seat with your social networks. It will never be too much to arrange time and make a cup of coffee with friends in a nearby park and breathe some fresh air.

You can share these funny and motivational mugs with your bestie in the workplace.

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If you can’t seem to catch up with your friends, simply have some small talk with your colleagues as they may also need some time off from their hectic work.

Learn something new!

Small positive change will cause more good spirits. What's more interesting than enjoying your own interests. Consider signing up for a class for arts, music or knitting. Or you can simply grab any cool new released books and definitely learn something new from them.

Try out this book in hard copy for more motivation in work.

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Or equip yourself with a good kindle to carry around various kinds of books.

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These are typically my lunch break habits. Trust me, it will help you get over negativities because of work and leave you with a productive day. If you have any other awesome habits to share, don’t hesitate to let me and others and comment below. Thanks for following my article until now. Let’s all have a great time at work!

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