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Welcome to the Best Paper Shredder Reviews – the place where provide our readers with the greatest guides available to help you in your search for the right paper shredder. Since 2014, we have published dozens of paper shredder reviews; showcasing the best and worst of each model. We consider ourselves experience based solely on the fact that we’re wacky for them. We collect feedback of using paper shredders from our colleagues, friends and boss even. So, what is best paper shredder for home and small office now? We will help you review them and we’ll leave you to decide.

If you want to buy a new paper shredder for first use, feel free to browse through our reviews to find the perfect model for you. We absolutely understand that selecting the best paper shredder can be somewhat of a challenge, due to hundred of paper shredders on the market. Or, if you are already the happy owner of a paper shredder, feel free to have a read through our collection of reviews, how to choose best one, comparison charts and informative articles. Either way, be sure to join in the fun, open mind community and become lovely friends!

Based on features, we collect paper shredder reviews for cross cut shredders and micro cut shredders, which are specifically designed for home use or small business but still offer the convenience that you can use every day.

The Three Best Cross Cut Paper Shredders On The Market

Fellowes 79Ci 16 Sheet
Best of the best
Fellowes 79Ci in our opinion has a perfect combination of the features which majority of the customers look for. With patented SafeSense technology, ultra-quite performance and Swiss Army knife worth of features, Fellowes 79Ci is high recommendation from us. It is worth spending a little extra money to get this shredder. It lived up to all of our expectations.
AmazonBasics 12-Sheet
Best value
The AmazonBasics shredder boasts all features include jam-proof, maximum security through painstaking shredding, silent operation and quality performance while it is virtually automated in its operations, destroys other items and comes at an affordable price tag. If you don’t need the most diverse set of features, but it certainly finishs job what you want, and start at 49$, AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder is an excellent investment.
The Bonsaii DocShred C156-D
Best value
The Bonsaii cross cut shredder is an excellent addition to office equipment. It is super quiet, its weight and compact nature give it the convenience and ease ability to be moved around. Combined its performance and price, Bonsaii DocShred C156-D is good choice for you. Its simple features make it easy to use and perfect for your home office.

The Three Best Micro Cut Paper Shredders On The Market

Bonsaii EverShred C149-D
Best of the best
The Bonsaii C149-D Shredder is an excellent and whisper quiet 12-sheet Micro-cut shredder that is multi-purpose and can serve all your paper documents.
Aurora AU1000MA
Best value
Priced reasonably and runs pretty quietly. We appreciate the pull-out wastebasket for easy waste disposal and the fact that it does not jam or overheat.
AmazonBasics 12-Sheet
Best value
Great shredder at a great price. If you need a relatively light, well engineered shredder with diverse set of basic features and competitive price for a mid-class shredder, this is best choice.

It’s not very hard to tell the basic purpose behind the invention and the common use of the paper shredders. Their utility, as shown in the movie Argo is fascinating, especially for those of us who want to fancy themselves in one of those adventurous situations. It is a simple mechanical device which is used to cut the paper into either small particles or strips of papers. Initially, the government organizations were the major users of the paper shredders, but as the technology becomes more sophisticated, the threat of privacy and the identity theft left the common people in a more vulnerable situation. Hence, the paper shredders are now being used by common people and private companies to keep the confidential information out of the unwanted hands. Today, there is a huge array of products available in the market, which offers you several options and features to choose from based on your preferences.

The benefits of paper shredders

benefits of a paper shredder

Be prepared to realize the utmost benefits of having a proper paper shredder!

Identity Protection

The existence of paper shredders reduces the number of identity thefts as they will secure confidential information by cutting those materials into pieces with the techniques of strip cutting, cross cutting or even micro cutting.  Large enterprises or small businesses can feel much relieved knowing that their information is perfectly destroyed and will never fall into any other person. The higher level of shredding the machine is able to do, the less stress you would have. Moreover, those cut documents can never be recovered as they will be altogether mixed and piled up.

Cost effectiveness

Do you know how much money you could save from having an outsourcing shredding company to dispose your wasted documents? Nowadays, as the technique has radically improved, you can afford any kind of paper shredders within any size and put it into your own office. The price may run the gamut from only $100 to over $4,000 depending on your company’s budget. So, why not have a more economical way to get rid of paper waste? You would have a wide range of shredding options as you wish. You can even place your machine in your office anywhere you feel comfortable and can destroy your confidential papers in a blink of an eye. No more worries that the paper shredder machine is hard to use as many manufacturers would give the very detailed manual instructions and clear menu settings to save you time from standing an hour in front of the machine like before.

Customer’s trust and benefits

When revealing the personal information to another party, customers are always concerned that their identity would be illegally used without permission. By this way, you can proudly inform your customers that their information would stay safe within the companies thanks to the paper shredders. Hence, no personal data would be breached or unexpectedly transferred to any third party. The customers would also feel appreciated and satisfied for the way we handle their needs.

An environment-friendly way of reducing waste

We are really surprised that paper waste accounts for one fifth of landfills annually. And leaving them the way they are would even cause more headaches to the firms of waste disposal. Hence, using paper shredding machines can highly decrease the amount of total waste as unused papers would be cut into insignificant pieces. Also, it would leave a much simpler work for the disposal companies as these wastes would go through the disposing or recycling machines with ease.

Less concern about laws and regulation violation

Many laws and regulations have mentioned about identity theft and put high requirements on firms to protect identity not only for the business but also for customers. Hence, you need to be compliant with all the state and federal laws about privacy. Paper shredder would help you perfectly complete this task and avoid being fined up to thousand dollars for violation. You should not be negligent of this issue at any times!

Here is the infographic about what’s good about paper shredders!

The pros of paper shredders

shredd-card-cdWhat should you look for in the ideal paper shredder?

To begin with, the most critical factor that should guide you is to settle for a product that comes with powerful blades. Such a paper shredder should be in a position to handle all your confidential documents, CDs, DVDs, credit cards, paper staples and clips.

What is security levels? Cross cut or micro cut paper shredders?

There are two main types of paper shredders that you need to be aware of – cross cut shredder and micro cut shredder. So, the difference between cross cut shredder and micro cut shredder is security level as well. Here’s what you should consider:


    • Cross cut shredder; The very best of these products are those that have cross cut blades. Such machines can shred papers both vertically and horizontally. This ensures you end up with small pieces of paper that make it extremely hard for any would-be thief to patch back the information they contain. Which can be a lifesaver if you intend to dispose of highly confidential documents with such machines. Should you have sufficient space in your office you may like to opt for paper shredder model that is at least 20” X 25” in height. This means that it can store a lot of waste before requiring to be emptied making it infinitely convenient to work with. If you need to shred top-secret documents, we would recommend opting for a micro cut shredder.


  • Micro cut shredder; micro cut shredders are the most secure shredders among the shredding types. They are capable of shredding a standard document into up to 3000 tiny pieces and hence making the document very secure. Once you shred the document using this shredder it is gone and there is literally nothing that can be used to retrieve information from it. It is very popular with government institutions but you can also use it at home if you have very sensitive documents to dispose.

Choose an energy efficient machine

If you shred your papers intermittently, you should select a product that has an automatic power function. Such a feature will keep the shredder in standby mode without its motor running until you insert paper or other items in it. This goes a long way in maximizing the energy efficiency of the machine resulting in low power costs. A product such as the Aurora JamFree AU163XA -16 sheets cross cut paper, CD, Credit card shredder with pull out waste basket is noted for integrating such a feature.

shredder-jamGo for a product that makes it easy to monitor shred buildup

You may also want a model that features a window to monitor shred paper buildup. Alternatively, there are some other paper shredders that come with light indicators that can also serve the same function and automatically alert you when the bin is full.


protect_handAppropriate safety features to reduce risks of injuries

Today there are shredders that have sensors in them to prevent any incidence of the injury to the hands. They make the shredder automatically go off when the hand is in contact with the surface of the shredder instead of the paper. You can be easily to settle for a product that has a reliable safety feature to prevent serious injuries that arise from placing your fingers on the paper entry slot. The Fellowes 100% JamProof heavy-duty shredder 79Ci 16 sheets Cross Cut and the Aurora JamFree AU163XA -16 sheets cross cut paper, CD, shredder with pull out waste basket integrate advanced technologies that eliminate such occurrences.

Choose a machine that can handle your needs

You also ought to choose a paper shredder that can effortlessly meet the demands of your business or home office. For the former, you need to first determine the load of confidential paperwork that your business produce. Should this amount to a large cache of documents, you will definitely need the services of a heavy-duty machine that can easily handle a lot of sheets of paper simultaneously.
Products such as the Fellowes 100% JamProof heavy-duty shredder 79Ci paper, CD, Credit cards shredder with pullout basket and the Fellowes 100% JamProof heavy-duty shredder 79Ci 16 sheets Cross Cut can be ideal options. The first can effortlessly shred 24 sheets of paper at one go while the second is in a position to handle 16 sheets of paper in one single operation.

When it comes to choosing the right kind of these machines for the home office, not everybody handles the same amount of confidential paperwork as the rest. You will need to assess your needs when thinking of purchasing the best paper shredder that fits your requirements and preferences.

Typically a home office does not handle plenty of confidential documents apart from the regular financial statements that the owner receives. To this end, a paper shredder that can handle at least 5 to 10 sheets of paper at a time can be an excellent bargain. The Comet M1CD 10 sheet JamStop micro cut paper shredder, silent motor , 4.2 gallon is an especially good example of such a machine.

Opt for silent operation paper shredders

Finally, if you operate in a shared workplace environment you need a paper shredder whose motor functions quietly to minimize distractions to your colleagues. The Fellowes 100% JamProof heavy-duty shredder 79Ci 16 sheets Cross Cut and the Comet M1CD 10 sheet JamStop micro cut paper shredder, silent motor , 4.2 gallon are good examples of such machines.

Variable shredding size

Sometimes the preset shredding size of these products may for one reason or the other not fit with your exact needs. Perhaps you wish to shred your critical documents into minute pieces to further reduce the likelihood of would-be pilferers from accurately determining the information on them. In such a scenario you definitely need a paper shredder that comes with an adjustable shred size. This will conveniently allow you to shred all the documents you wish to do so according to your distinct needs and preferences. There are plenty of such machines in the market and by researching on the issue you can easily find the best for you.

Tips on using paper shredders

Once you have you have pinpointed the right paper shredder that matches all your needs, the following are some handy tips on how to utilize them. To begin with, you will have to take your time to go through the manufacturer’s manual. After doing this you should always strictly adhere to their recommendations and suggestions.

For instance, virtually all cross cut paper shredders in the market come with instructions on how to load paper to avoid paper jams and other associated problems. For some models, inserting papers at an angle rather than in a straight position results in them folding the papers. This is one of the most prevalent causes of paper jams.

For all paper shredders inserting items that have not been recommended by the maker can also jam the machine or make it to shred inappropriately. Things such as envelopes that come with glassine windows are generally not advisable to insert into these machines. Hope these paper shredders reviews have been insightful.


In sum, paper shredders can bring you individually and your business with multiple advantages and profits as they can secure your data, help gain trust from customers, obey the laws and even save our planet from wasting more papers. There are also a variety of paper shredders available in the market these days and you can choose one best paper shredder for yourself based on your own budget, types of paper cutting and the desired size of paper shredder. So, don’t let yourself drown in the thought that investing your time and money on a good paper shredder is wasteful. You would never really know if you haven’t tried it out yet!


  1. I really found your site to be very informative and well written. Thank you for providing this detailed review of paper shredders. I have owned a shredder that I purchased from Wal-Mart, but it was not near as good as quality as the shredders you have detailed here. I guess the old adage you get what you pay for really does apply here.

    1. Thanks for your comment and sharing! We’re glad that you found it helpful. And it would be great if you can upgrade your shredder and have no more worry about it.

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